In her native country, the vocal capacities of petra berger are often compared to those of Sarah Brightman or Céline Dion. “She doesn’t sound dutch at all!” people often say. They don’t mean to be impolite; coming from a dutchman it is a great compliment! Dutch singers with a vocal range comprising more than three octaves usually sing opera and don’t bother with pop music. in addition to her technical qualities, Petra Berger is tremendously musical in an emotional sense. She has the gift to stir up an audience to great highs and lows, because she personally wants to experience the significance of each and every note and word that she sings. Petra is a perfectionist. and besides being a perfectionist, she is very ambitious when it comes to the content of a song. “A beautiful melody,” she explains, “simply won’t do. “Each song has to be about something.”

That , often lacking in pop musicians, has resulted in several ambitious musical projects that were mostly composed and written with a certain theme in mind. Eternal woman (2001) is about the lives of eleven great women, ranging from Maria Magdalena and Cleopatra to Marie-antoinette and Catharina the great. This project was followed in 2003 by another ‘concept’ album Mistress, this time about the fate of famous and tragic lovers such as Catharina de Medici, Frida Kahlo and even Hillary Clinton. Both albums were a huge international success and Eternal woman even became platinum.

However, on tour Petra came to realize that these wonderful historical productions, How interesting they were and still are, had nothing to do with her own life.” As a result, the album “Here and now” was released in 2006. love, in all its manifestations, is the central theme of this album, ranging from the love of a son for his deceased father (if came the hour), romantic love (happy or not) and, for instance, the love between two fighting friends who don’t want to let go of each other (we can’t let go). Then there are two compositions especially for my children, one of them being Conta sempre su di me, which means: whatever you do, you can always count on me. The italian lyrics are a faithful translation of the lyrics about the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child that i wrote for this song. It’s a different relationship from any other. it’s true: you bring them into this world, look into their eyes and you know: this is forever. Liberta, the other song, is an encouragement for my children to become who they truly want to become.”

Last but not least, there is the all-revealing title track ‘Here and now’, which reflects the overall emotional significance of the album both in its lyrics (Petra Berger) and music (After forever). based on the books of mystic Eckhart Tolle, it is a spirited and intensely cheerful recommendation to us all to let go of our past disappointments and pain; to no longer be afraid and just live in the now. In 2008 petra released the acoustic album “Crystal” in cooperation with the inspiring piano-virtuoso Jan Vayne.

In 2007 and 2008 Petra had the great honour to sing duets with the world famous italian tenors tenors Andrea Bocelli and Alessandro Safina.

In 2011 she launched a new project in theaters and on cd based on music in the style of her personal idol “Barbra Streisand”. The album is called Touched by Streisand In 2012 she performed in several concerts in the dutch theaters to celebrate her 25th anniversary as a singer.
In 2013 and 2014 petra performed in the theatre’s solo with her Eternals songs program and together with piano virtuoso Jan Vayne in Closer than ever.

In 2015 she launched a completely new theater concept titled; Search for Happiness. A combination of story telling and music. At this moment she is working on a new album which will be released later this year.

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